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Porcelain Infuser Mug Sakura Blossoms

Porcelain Infuser Mug Sakura Blossoms

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Cherry blossoms hold a special place in the heart of Japanese culture.  Depending on the region in which you visit, cherry blossoms may be in bloom from March to early April.   This is the time when cherry blossoms – called “sakura” in Japanese – make for a charming sight with their fleeting presence in various parts of the country. White or pale pink, sometimes dark pink or yellow, and sometimes changing color as the blooming period progresses, they symbolize the delicate and ephemeral nature of life and attract locals and tourists alike. It’s no wonder then that there’s a word called “hanami” in the Japanese lexicon. It refers to “cherry blossom viewing” or the centuries-old practice of enjoying a picnic or party under a cherry tree in bloom. In some places, you can even enjoy a late-night hanami picnic with pretty paper lanterns to heighten the ambiance. 12-ounces

To fill the gap for those who cannot make the trek to Japan (or even Washington, DC), we've stocked your favorite double walled porcelain infuser mugs decorated with Japanese cherry blossoms. An interior ledge holds the infuser basket perfectly in place, while the notched lid protects your brewing tea, and helps hold the hot temperatures longer. The double-walled design means your tea stays warmer, while keeping the outside of the mug a more moderate, and easy to handle temperature. These double walled walled 12-ounce mugs are perfect for your strolls under the sakura.

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