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Focus Herbal Blend

Focus Herbal Blend

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Our brains and lives always seem so busy that we're unable to focus on things that deserve our attention: studying for that big exam, a major project at work, or even listening to your child's school day. Our Focus Wellness Blend can help stimulate your mind and improve your concentration and memory. Nine herbs (including some herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine) work together to create a cornucopia of tastes with an abundance of health benefits. While gotu kola, eleuthero root, and gingko focus your mental abilities, Ho Shou Wu, peppermint, damiana, and calendula arouse your body's energy Lemongrass and licorice root harmonize this herbal medley.

Pair this with our Balance Wellness Blend!

Steeping Instructions: 1 large teaspoon per 8-ounces water, steep at 212° for 5 minutes.

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