I Know What You Mint

Mar 17th 2021


Hello, Tea Friends!

 It's spring in Central Texas, and the redbud trees are in bloom. Along with the evening primroses and rain lilies, we have seen a scattering of bluebonnets....but the winter storm may have scared many of them off for the season.

That being said, I was brought up with lamb as a spring meat, and that, naturally, meant mint jelly on the side to complement the lamb. When I moved from Northern NY 10 years ago, I was so surprised to discover lamb and, especially, mint jelly were not to be found anywhere.

When we opened Serendipity in September 2018 two things were at the top of my list: Mint Jelly and Rose Jam. The rose is very popular, but there's a bit of confusion as to what to do with mint jelly. Used as a side for lamb makes for fairly limited usage. However, there are so many more ways to experiment with this tasty addition to your cupboard.

  • Serve on grilled or roasted lamb
  • Serve on Lamb sandwiches the next day
  • Spread on toast or serve with bread or rolls
  • Add as a garnish on other meat such as pork
  • Use in cookies such as thumbprint or sandwich cookies.
  • Combine with fresh lime juice to make a mojito inspired glaze for grilled shrimp.
  • Use mint jelly for a surprising twist on PB & J
  • Combine mint jelly with a little horseradish for a pork roast glaze or garnish
  • Serve mint jelly and cream cheese on crackers or bagels
  • Stir a teaspoon of lightly crushed mint into iced tea.
  • For a refreshing cocktail, mix gin, sparkling water, a bit of mint jelly, and crushed mint leaves.
  • Serve over chocolate or vanilla ice cream
  • Add as a sweetener to your tea

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Tea Lady