Balance Wellness Tisane

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Balance is the key to a happy life. Without it, our minds and bodies stress and there is no true joy in living. This is a problem for most Americans, so w've developed a blend to help keep Balance, whether it be physical or mental. Balance is a stimulating herbal blend that mingles herbs, roots and seeds to invigorate the mind and body. Fennel soothes the throat, while flax offers generous amounts of essential fatty acids.

 Slow down. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax. Center your mind. Simplify. Balance.

  Ingredients - Fennel seed, flax, fenugreek seed, licorice root and peppermint leaf.

Steep Time:  1 large teaspoon per 8-ounces of water 3-5 minutes 190-209F (87-95C)