Pulled Pork Nachos


I posted a pic on my personal Instagram account a little while back about my foray into making Pulled Pork Nachos…which, incidentally, are amazing. I had made BBQ Pulled Pork for dinner the night before and we had quite a bit of leftovers. I didn’t mind because I hadn’t made it in a few years and I love it! I figured sandwiches a second night would be boring, so the brilliant idea dawned on me that everyone in Salado raves about The Shed’s Pulled Pork Nachos.

You heard that right. Pulled. Pork. Nachos. They’re so incredibly easy to make and…..addicting. Luckily we used up all the pulled pork or I’d have been serving them again the next night.

First of all, you’ll need to make up some BBQ pulled pork. It’s super simple because it’s all done in a crockpot.  You’ll need to get the recipe for those here (which is an old blog site I used to run).

Now, with your pulled pork leftover you’re going to make the beautifully succulent (that’s my teen’s word of the week, apparently) nachos.  How does this all tie into our goal of making small gatherings a success?  Pulled pork and nachos.  That’s all you need to know.  You’ll thank me later.



Leftover pulled pork (we ended up with about 4 cups of it)

2/3 cups BBQ sauce

Tortilla chips

Cheese of your choice (I think we used shredded cheddar, but somehow my husband found some Mexican queso, too).

Sliced green onion

Sour cream


I tossed the pulled pork into a pot with a bit of BBQ sauce to give it some sort of liquid (maybe ½ cup or so). I warmed it up slowly so there wasn’t any sticking (medium low).

On plates I tossed tortilla chips. Put pulled pork on top of that with cheese ( Queso Crema if you can get it) and sliced green onion. On the side I put sour cream (I wasn’t sure if it would go well with the pulled pork but it rocked!). My husband also topped his with a wee bit of salsa.

This was positively amazing! Put these two recipes on your “Gotta Make It” list.

Teas that pair well with this:  Iced, of course!  We prefer Moroccan Mint, Raspberry or Ginger Peach.

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