Moroccan Mint Tea

moroccan mint crop

Nothing says summer like a refreshing Mint Tea. There is nothing that produces so fresh a feeling as the smell of mint in the air! Moroccan Mint is a simple tea that captures that feeling of freshness in every cup. Blended with gunpowder green tea, the peppermint leaves soothe the mind, relax the body, and feed the soul! With the health benefits of green tea, such as incredible antioxidants, Moroccan Mint is a rewarding experience through and through!

The Chinese gunpowder green tea which forms the base of this tea blend is comprised of rolled leaves that will take a little longer to steep than some of the more delicate Japanese green teas. Despite their more delicate appearance, the dried peppermint leaf additions will not suffer from being steeped with this green tea. In fact peppermint on its own can be steeped at 212°F (boiling) for much longer periods. However, we recommend hot water (not boiling) for this particular tea, with a steep time of 2 minutes.

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