Citrus Green Tea

citrus green tea crop

There is nothing more refreshing than a citrus infused green tea to start your morning off right…to end it.

Our blend of green tea and citrus flavor is always a winning combination! Starting with Sencha green tea leaves from China, this affordable tea boasts a resulting cup that is bright green, with a liquor that is tangy and confident. Coupled with the twist of lemon peels and natural citrus flavoring, Citrus Green Tea Blend delivers a smooth taste and a delectable zest of revitalization.

We recommend steeping this tea for 1-2 minutes in water that is not quite boiling (to preserve the integrity of the delicate leaf)

The Japanese green tea (sencha) which forms the base of this tea particular blend has generally smaller leaves than Chinese green tea counterparts (gunpowder, dragonwell) and will steep faster than those varieties. 
Japanese greens are also subtle and using tap water that has a bad after taste will affect your cup. Use fresh filtered or bottled water to discover the delicate flavors in these greens if you can.

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