Take 5: A Tea Ritual

What a lovely way to start your day!

Hestia's Servant

tea morning

I’m not a morning person. Well, I suppose I should rephrase that. I’m not an early morning person. I’m perfectly fine with a “get up at 7:30 and start my day” kind of person. Sadly, that doesn’t work well for most people – or my own schedule – so I’ve had to modify. My home is typically a bustle of activity, and if it isn’t the dogs, it’s my daughter getting off to school and my husband off to work. I crave my alone time, as well as my transition time, so I’ve begun to modify my own schedule for some “Me” time.

Think about this: How often are we in such a rush that we honestly don’t give thought to actually enjoying the experience of every day? How many times do we grab coffee at Starbucks while we zoom off to our workplace….but never savoring the actual sensory experience…

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