Join Our Joy For All Kitty and Puppy Donation Drive

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Welcome to our fundraising drive to bring Joy For All to a select number of Nursing Homes throughout Central Texas!  This is a difficult thing to put here since our website is e-commerce driven, so completely ignore Product Type" if you should see it.

What we are currently working on is one of the most exciting things I've seen in a while.  We have discovered these amazing robotic pets that were produced for memory care patients.  We love them!  Because it seemed like a fabulous opportunity, we decided to bring two of these in as demo models so we can fundraiser for more.  In short....We love them!

How much are they?  The kitties are approximately $100/each and the puppies are $125.00

What we plan to do with the money:  Supply as many fluffy babies as we can in order to donate to memory care facilities.  We would love to supply a total of 15.

Our target audience:  We are quite committed to our local Veteran's Home in Temple, TX.  Additionally we would like to donate to those nursing facilities that are predominantly populated with traditionally under-served people (ie, Medicare/medicaid recipients).

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